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Certified under the comprehensive tutelage of Alan Herdman, I have been teaching Pilates since 2008. I have since worked in a variety of environments including Alan’s studios, a Physiotherapy Clinic in Battersea, and at Pilates Central in Islington1. I am currently based mainly in a fully equipped studio in Notting Hill2. I practised Pilates myself for many years before turning to teaching.


After completing my Ph.D. in Law, I went from academia to a career in Management Consulting and Leadership Development. I always loved sport, and having competed in equestrian events from an early age, much of my spare time was spent either running, hiking, skiing or salsa dancing. Around 2000, as ongoing hip and back pain became more and more of an issue, I turned to Cortisone injections and even contemplated surgery. Finally I found myself being trained in one of the first studios in Switzerland to be equipped with Pilates apparatus. The improvement and relief I experienced within a short time was a revelation, as regular and concentrated Pilates practise successfully addressed the muscle imbalances that had been the cause of many years of pain in a way other training methods had not been able. Pilates thus became a central part of my routine and since then, I have been a passionate believer in the effectiveness of informed and tailored exercise based on the Pilates method. In order to help others benefit in the same way, I finally decided to move from my former career into teaching Pilates and so, Pilates Passion was born!


I work with a wide range of clients on their individual needs, ranging from remedial & rehabilitative instruction to training athletes. My special areas of expertise include pre-natal & post-natal work, neurological conditions and osteoporosis. Following a thorough assessment of every client and developing an individual training plan, I teach mainly on a tailored 1:1 basis, both with Pilates apparatus and mat.


Everything I do is influenced by the understanding of movement of the human body that I have gained from Pilates. I believe in continuous education and have always kept my training updated. Amongst others, I have trained with Jay Grimes (Pilates Elder), Sherri Betz (Foundation for Osteoporosis Research and Education), Carolyne Anthony (Founder of the Center for Women's Fitness), Julian Littleford, Madeline Black, Daniel Vladeta (inventor of the Oov), Brent D. Anderson (President of Polestar Pilates Education and Polestar Pilates Center), Elizabeth Larkam (author of Fascia in Motion), Erik Franklin (The Franklin Method) and Yamuna Zake (Yamuna Body Rolling Method).


I am a Licenced Buff Bones® Instructor3, and a Neurological Conditions Pilates Specialist (see Mbodies Training Academy4).

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